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Barstool Body & The Original Backpack Home Gym

"Learn how to get a flatter stomach using a bar stool and a backpack."

I didn't have a lot of free time to devote to exercise unless I wanted to wake up at 4am and that definitely wasn't going to happen. I value every second of sleep I can get! Not to mention money was extremely tight. So going to the gym wasn't really an option. However, with 3 children space was also tight and my house was too small for bulky exercise equipment.

Additionally, I love to eat and I love junk food. Pancakes drenched in syrup, thick juicy hamburgers, ice cream smothered in hot fudge, sweet buttery yeast rolls, and chocolate iced creme filled donuts are foods I didn't think I could live without and that's just naming a few! For that one reason alone according to common sentiment the whole change of lifestyle to get healthy really wasn't
looking like it was going to be much fun or for that matter something that I was willing to endure. Therefore, I decided to do a little research and formulate a plan that would fit into my lifestyle desires.

If You Build It, Results Will Come

In my studies I stumbled across something very interesting. Infact that's putting it lightly! That's like saying I stumbled over a rock when infact that rock was a 1000 carat diamond in the rough. What I had stumbled across was revolutionary in it's affect on the direction I would take with my research. What I discovered was a principle around which I formed my philosophy for weight loss and fitness training.

So what was my discovery? Well, I don't want to completely give away my secret, but I will give you a glimpse into what I uncovered.

What I found was a very interesting truth: bar stools aren't just for sitting and backpacks aren't just for lugging around text books and laptops. Now that may not sound like much, but in my book I show you how to use a bar stool and a backpack to get into the best shape of your life. I built my entire system around this principle and I'm astounded at how simple yet how profound that discovery has been in changing my life and the way I approach diet and exercise. My system will teach you not only how to lose weight fast, but how to keep it off by building lean muscle mass with the help of a bar stool and a backpack.

You will get fit FAST without spending hours a day working out, without waiting in long lines at the gym, without breaking open the piggy bank, and perhaps most impressively without having to give up eating the things you love to eat!

Build Your Chest and Flatten Your Stomach

When I was younger I was extremely active. Even throughout college I stayed active, competing on my college's varsity tennis and swim teams. Additionally, I bicycled everywhere since we weren't allowed to have cars on campus. Yet, even with all the extracurricular activities, I was never able to achieve the coveted seal of approval in the fitness world: six pack abs and large pecs. That's not to say my stomach wasn't flat, it was, but there was no visible definition to my abdominal muscles. And my chest was more or less, flat.

Therefore, as I set out to develop my exercise program, I specifically designed it to target not only ways to get a flatter stomach and bigger pecs, but to build my abdominal muscles such that they would become visibly defined.

And now, although I don't have the genetics of a super model or a chippendale dancing dude, I have been able to get back to the flat tummy I had when I was younger AND I also have those visibly defined abdominal muscles I couldn't seem to acheive when I was younger and more athletic!

The Hollywood Effect or Rather Affect

Hollywood is constantly pushing guys with great physiques across the big screen and it used to cause me to want to sink down into my seat. I wanted to look like those guys. I was tired of being insecure and embarrassed of my body. Well, I knew I would never be as handsome as they, but I could change the way my body looked.

So how do the hollywood heartthrobs get their bodies to look as if they were formed on Mt. Olympus? Well unlike most of us they have the funds, the time, the space...quite frankly they have the opportunity to spend hours a day exercising and focusing on fitness. They have physical trainers at thier beckoning call 24 hours a day. Trainers holding them accountable and pushing them to their limits. Unfortunately, these are luxuries most just can't afford.

One of the first actors to catch my attention and generate the, "Wow! How'd he get so ripped?" effect was Charlie Sheen in the movie Hot Shots Part Deux. In recent years guys like Will Smith in iRobot, Ashton Kutcher in Killer, Chris Hemsworth in Thor, Daniel Craig in James Bond, and Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man and even more so in Sherlock Holmes have impressed us with their shirtless testimonies to their hard work and dedication. And perhaps the most impressive of all was Shark Boy Taylor Lautner in the blockbuster Twilight sequel New Moon. While most of us would give up a kidney to look like any of those guys the reality is that we just don't have the time and other resources available to us that they have.

While some of their exercise programs and equipment might be available to the common man they still require an excess of resources that are difficult for most of us to obtain. For example the P90X program is an excellent fitness program that was said to have been used by Ashton Kutcher to help him get into Killer shape. And I'm confident that it would provide similar results for most anyone who is able to devote the time and effort required by the program. However, it requires you to dedicate hours and hours and hours each week to exercise. Not only that, but the program comes with a fairly hefty price tag if you're living on a bowl of cereal for dinner budget.

I watched the informercials and strongly considered splurging for the cost of the P90X system, but just couldn't seem to justify the expense. Fortunately, I had a friend who did try the program and after talking with him I'm glad I didn't waste my money on it, because there is no way I would have spent the time exercising that the program called for.

While the P90X system seemed to provided a valid exercise program capable of producing results fast it failed as a viable option for me due to the initial cost to purchase the system and for the amount of time it required each day.

Other options included joining the local gym or bringing the gym into my home. The first option, while again being perfectly valid as a solution to help me get into shape fast, lost points for convenience and time lost due to having to travel to the gym not to mention the associated membership fees. The second option lost points for space requirements and cost.

Overall brining the gym into my home seemed like the most economical choice not only monetarily, but also time-management-wise. However, I just didn't have the amount of space required by the large footprints of the better equipment. I did try some smaller portable home gyms such a door gym that was a set of pulleys and resistance bands that attached to the top and bottom of a door, but they didn't provide the variety or quality of exercise I was needing/wanting.

I Don't Think We're In Kansas Anymore

Backtracking a little, I mentioned Robert Downey Jr. and his role in Iron Man earlier. It's extremely impressive how he was able bulk up and reduce his body fat for the movie, but it's even more impressive that he was able to do it in his 40s! So how was he able to accomplish this feat? Well apart from the fact that he had a trainer helping him, he used a piece of equipment called the Vortex. If you take a look at the Vortex family of products there are several options, but the most impressive is the Vortex PRO-TRAINER.

The capabilities of Vortex PRO-TRAINER are amazing and it is extremely versatile. Unfortunately, it's huge and there is no way I could have put one in my home unless I wanted it to be the only thing in my living room.

So my goal was to develop a system that would:

  1. Provide me with a selection of quality exercises
  2. Fit into my small space
  3. Be virtually invisible when not in use
  4. Cost VERY little

And what I came up with not only met those requirements, but they exceeded even my own expectations!


In my book I show you how to assemble the pieces and build your very own BACKPACK GYM. In fact you can get started in the next few minutes and be on your way to the best shape of your life!

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